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Mass Spectrometer

  • PTR 2e 1번 상세이미지
  • PTR 2e 1번 상세이미지

PTR 2e

- 고 분해능 PTR/TOF 질량분석기로 가스 분석, 미지 물질 확인 및 정량 가능
- Volatile, Semi-Volatile Compounds (VOCs) 및 유기오염원분석

실험실 PTR/TOF 질량분석기
KORE Technology-영국 이미지 (KORE Technology-영국)

- Mass resolution : > 8,000 m/δm

- Mass resolution at max sensitivity : >5,000 m/δm (FWHM) at m/z79

- Detection limit : < 10 ppt

- Sensitivity : >200cps/ppbv (measured with Benzene)

- Mass range : unlimited; in practice: 1000m/z (limited by gas phase thermo chemistry)

- Glow discharge ion source : reagent ions H3O+, O2+, NO+

- Reactor oven heating : 30-130°C (150°C transfer line available)

- Fully computer-controlled operation, automatic analysis software function

- Live VOC monitoring while driving (ambient air, product quality control and testing)

- VOC analysis

- Clean room air quality monitoring

- Breath analysis

- Food analysis

- Homeland security

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