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  • SICRIT Ion Source 1번 상세이미지
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SICRIT Ion Source

SICRIT(Soft Ionization by Chemical Reaction in Transfer) Ion Source는 기존의 LC/MS(/MS)에 장착하여 분석이 어려운 Polar Compound에 대한 이온화 효율과 감도를 향상시키고, Direct 또는 GC와 연결이 가능한 Ion Source.

1. In conventional methods the analyte gets ionized before being introduced into the MS. Therefore, losses by charge repulsion and neutralization during transfer into the MS cannot be avoided.

2. The patented SICRIT® ion source extends the inlet of your MS and ionizes all molecules drawn in by means of a specially shaped cold plasma.

3. The plasma is ignited within a capillary, thus transmission and, consequently, sensitivity are greatly improved.

4. SICRIT® decouples the ionization from the sample delivery step and converts your MS into a sensitive and selective electronic nose, giving you unlimited analytical freedom.

5. Advantages
- Higher sensitivity (≤ ppt)
- Independent of sample delivery
- Soft Ionization – broad polarity range
- No consumables
- No tuning required
- Robust operation (24/7)
- Miniature ion source

1. SICRIT Ion Source can be used on any API MS


- ppt sensitivity
- Direct SPME (no GC)
- Quantitative
- Easy setup (“Plug & Play”)
- Automatization via PAL Autosampler

3. Environmental Water Samples
- Matrix effects <30% for all water matrices tested (tap, ground, spring, lake, surface, wastewater)
- Several compounds detected (high ppt-low ppb levels) with this screening method in the treated wastewater as well as the wastewater effluent mixing zone (e.g., DEET, benzotriazole, estradiol)


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